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This is a list I assembled just last night, and it consists of my 10 favorite bands of all time, and my top 5 favorite songs from each of them. You don't have to fill this out, just tell me what are a couple of your favorite bands and your favorite songs from them.

1. Dream Theater [Progressive Metal]
I. A Change Of Seasons
II. Take The Time
III. Beyond This Life
IV. The Spirit Carries On
V. Solitary Shell

2. Opeth [Symphonic Death Metal]
I. Bleak
II. By The Pain I See In Others
III. The Drapery Falls
IV. Windowpane
V. Demon Of The Fall

3. Metallica [Thrash Metal]
I. Disposable Heroes
II. One
III. Creeping Death
IV. Damage Inc.
V. The Unforgiven

4. Death [Death Metal]
I. Scavenger Of Human Sorrow
II. Story To Tell
III. Lack Of Comprehension
IV. Empty Words
V. Crystal Mountain

5. Iron Maiden [British Metal]
I. Flash Of The Blade
II. The Clairvoyant
III. Wasted Years
IV. Aces High
V. The Mercenary

6. Iced Earth [Power Metal]
I. Wolf
II. Damien
III. Dark Saga
IV. Birth Of The Wicked
V. Frankenstein

7. Fleetwood Mac [Soft-Rock]
I. Dreams
II. Big Love
III. Silver Springs
IV. Everywhere
V. The Chain

8. David Byrne [Experimental Rock]
I. The Moment Of Conception
II. The Great Intoxication
III. Dirty Old Town
IV. Civil Wars
V. Wicked Little Doll

9. Steely Dan [Jazz-Rock]
I. Kid Charlemagne
II. Black Friday
III. The Royal Scam
IV. Deacon Blues
V. F.M.

10. Slayer [Thrash/Death Metal]
I. War Ensemble
II. Silent Scream
III. Born Of Fire
IV. Cleanse The Soul
V. South Of Heaven

So, what's everyone's absolute favorite music?
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