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okay, another question

i know that this will apply to everyone, so this should get some interesting here it goes:

name a band/performer that you like that all your friends would hate you for....

me, being the death metal fan that i am and usually hanging out with only such people (at least back in my home town), if they knew i liked WEEZER as much as i did, they would basically disown i cant help it...they are hillarious to thats my dark everyone share!
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i get much hate for liking linkin park as much as i do. wonder how much hate i'd get for listening to dj sammy's "heaven" right now... ?!
I get tons of flak for Linkin Park too, but its like no one realizes that they're actually heavy, and make incredibly good music.

I only enjoy My December by them and In The End. They aren't my cup of tea.
heh heh...never heard of it...
You've never listened/heard of Linkin Park, Dan?
well yeah, ive listened to them, i think i was refurring to something else...maybe..i dont know..i
I love that song!!!
All my friends listen to rap and R&B. Only me and my girlfriend kind of listen to heavy shit, and even at that, she listens to Lacuna Coil and stuff. She isn't really into my Marduk and Cradle of Filth and stuff like that (but I love her unconditionally!!!!!!!)

Bands that my friends would have me for?


Yeah I listen to the lesbo Russian singers. I got into them a while back. I really like most of their songs and can sing them in both Russian and English and I can't even speak Russian!
heh..well thats a new one on me..i cant judge, ive never listened to them...