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.::ozzfest review by SPIN magazine::.

Korn, Disturbed, and Marilyn Manson kept able watch over the 13,000-strong sausage party. With nu metal's pop somewhat faded, mainstream music fans (read: girls) stayed away in droves, only upping the iron-man intensity. A speedy succession of metal newcomers and underground acts filled the early hours of the day, spreading spittle on a hardcore legion hell-bent on rocking before lunchtime. Motograter, Shadows Fall, and especially Killswitch Engage, stirred a sea of fists to near-boil. Cradle of Filth closed the daytime-only second stage with a ridiculously entertaining (and bloody!) S&M Cirque du Soleil performance that had Manson fans wetting their leather.

Over on the main stage, openers Chevelle-"We're not a Christian-rock band"-tossed off an aggressively dull set that promted one pissed-off hesher to launch bottle rockets at the stage. Manson ratcheted things up with an efficient survey of his anti-hits, from "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This" to "mOBSCENE." Trading in his Bible-ripping act for an early-Hollywood/decadent-British theme, Manson employed a pair of acrobatic female dancers who feigned playing drums but mostly just rubbed their nearly naked nether regions against each other. For his bravura denouement, the "God of Fuck" emerged in blackface and Mickey Mouse ears to croak a few bars of "It's A Small World" and tear through his signature number, "The Beautiful People."

With all the subtlety of a Triumph of the Will screening at Castle Donington, Disturbed frontman David Drainman pulled out a panoply of fist-pumping cliches. Barking metal-can-set-you-free gobbledygook between songs, Drainman came off like a pierced Scientology recruiter. That left Korn the difficult task of sending the kids home happy. The band shredded through their catalog, largely ignoring 2002's commercial letdown Untouchables. The pit-detonating crunch of bassist "Fieldy" Arvizu and drummer David Silveria was evil as ever, and Jonathan Davis always does his damnedest to enable our wounded inner cyborg. But Korn felt less like rulers than old-schoolers, fellow travelers of a nu-metal nation that had journeyed out of the basements into the streets-and right back into the bassments. The Ozzfest faithful circled their wagons around each thump and cackle, as if Korn's fall from MTV grace was a twisted victory for the hardrock underground. - Ross Raihala

someone asked for stories. i found this one to be rather humorous
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