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its been forever since ive seen anyone post on here, so i figured i would take that step...seems it needs to be that way sometimes..but anyways...ive got two new cds...helvete by nasum, and the perfect is the enemy of the good, but burnt by the sun...the second one is a bit of a disappointment, if you've ever heard the first full length (soundtrack to a personal revolution) then you'll know by the second one, the edge has dulled a bit...still not horrible, but not great in my eyes...on the other hand, nasum's cd helvete has really impressed me...i once used to love swedish metal, then i lost a lot of my taste for it the more i got into american death metal, grind core, and various shit like that...but nasum has redefined grindcore for me...ive never heard swedish metal sound so good, its massivly impressive and i encourage any fan of grindcore to get it....


what cd's have the rest of you gotten that you would recommend to anyone else?

thats all shoppers, the store will be closing in 15 minutes, make your final selections and head to the front of the store for checkout, and thanks for shopping at ~exempt~
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