Angel of Death (xangel0fdeathx) wrote in uniquevision,
Angel of Death


Hi. I'm new. I found this community yesterday and thought I'd join, so here I am! :) I'm recently really hooked on Opeth and Korn. I can't stop listening to them! My all-time favorite bands are Slayer and Pantera. I'm mainly a metal-head, but there are many different types of music that I love; I just happen to love metal the most. Yay. :) Nice to meet you all!


PS: Don't expect me to post often. I'll try, but personally I think school is just a bit more important than online journal communities. Hehe. So, I'm going to be pretty busy but I'll try and post as often as I can. Later! Oh, and check out my info if you'd like. I'd really like some new friends that I can talk real metal with! :D

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