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Okay seeing how we have some very shy people on this board, I'm going to post another question. We didn't get very far with the whole music/violence/suicide thing, so maybe this could help you get comfortable with talking on this board.

What is the best concert you've been to? Why? What happened? Share your stories and talk about your experience.

If you haven't been to a concert or have only been to shitty concerts, than talk about a concert that you would die to go to. Explain why.

Blah do I feel like a teacher giving out homework.
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NOT ENOUGH FUCKIN TALKIN!..heh...okay...well ill make two answers, my ideal concert, and a good one...

a good one: TOOL...you cant beat tool...not exactly metal, but they have an uncompromised chemistry that is surpassed only by thier superior musicianship. stage show is always 100% unity and that, in a band thats been around for quite sometime, is hard to come by.

a good one, part 2: i also saw in flames, which was the shit, cuz it just so happens that im friends with the old drummer from burn it down, who was on tour with shadows fall and in flames when they broke up, so i got to hang out with them after the show...uber fantastic-o...

my ideal concert: oh, i would have to say seeing blood red throne, cephalic carnage, and dillinger escape plan all in the same fuckin show...all diverse in their own ways, but all show superior marksmanship with technicality and detail...it would be like scratching your nuts with sandpaper!

well i think that about does it...SEE, IF I CAN POST, I KNOW ALL THE REST OF YOU CAN!

Haven't been to any GOOD concerts so I'll describe my ideal concert.

Soilwork (duh), In Flames, Slayer, and Ozzy. That would kick so much fucking ass. My 3 favorite bands and Ozzy...

I'm hopefully going to Ozzfest next summer!! I couldn't make it this summer :(
speaking metal, the best concert i went to was system of a down and amen double bill. i don't know how you guys feel about that... i haven't been to many metal concerts, only that and mayhem. mayhem was fucking fantastic, but i just had so much fun in the pit at system/amen. I ached for days afterwards.

I've got Manson next month, and I'm sure that's gonna take over as my new favourite.

Maybe Melvins/Fantômas/Tomahawk in December too. Seeing the Melvins would be a huge honour.
Better late than never, right?

I have 2 concerts tied for 1st place: Paradise Lost (w/ Cathedral and Anathema) in December 1995, and Dark Tranquillity (w/ Sinergy and Griffin) in November 2002.

In 1995 Paradise Lost were at the top of their career and played an amazing set to about 2000 people. The sound was as clear as on the album and the band were great to behold. It was probably the most professional show I've seen, in terms of backdrops, lighting, quality of the mix etc., and as the pioneers of the now common gothic/doom/death mixture, they were in a league of their own with the strength and originality of the material on display. They'd headlined the Dynamo festival that year and should have gone on to become the next Metallica (in terms of popularity), but went on to change their style a bit too abruptly on the next album and lost it all.

Dark Tranquillity were a different matter; I had been waiting to see them for 3 years so they could have played a crap set and I would have cheered from start to finish. Luckily that theory did not get tested and they played something for everyone, from the more gothic-metal tones of the Projector album to their more traditional melodic death/thrash off old and new albums. The venue was small and the sound wasn't perfect, but we didn't care because the general atmosphere was so good. The singer was smiling throughout, passing us the mic during each song, even singing while crowdsurfing. For such a dark and aggressive band, the whole thing dripped with positivity.