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Boring survey. . .

1. What are your top 5 bands and why?

1. Danzig- The fucking Elvis of heavy metal. No one can outsing him. Plus the lyrics are just sick. That's my boy!
2. Amon Amarth- Viking Power!
3. Hatebreed- The lyrics of my life. Hardcore and just mean. I fucking love em'. Sick fucking pits.
4. Slayer- NOBODY is like them. Thrash, punk, metal, they can do it all, and can do it well. THE SICKEST PITS, EVER.
5. U2- Grew up on them, and will never forget them. I have a lot of memories attached to their songs.

2. What are your top 5 songs and why?
I'll just stick with those bands;
1. Danzig- Mother, I could listen to this song everyday and be content.
2. Amon Amarth- V.S. the World. Just me against the world.
3. Hatebreed- Perserverence. The word says it all.
4. Slayer- New song- New Faith, old song- Dead Skin Mask. Sweet.
5. U2- Where The Streets Have No Names.

3. What is your least favourite artist and why?
99 % of all rappers.

4. If you had to choose, Christina or Britney and why?
Britney, I'd work her ass like nothing.

5. Cradle of Filth. Cool or not cool?
Depends on the song, but for the most part, cool.

6. What other genres of music do you listen to?
Metal, all genres and subgenres just about. Classical for sure. And uhh, don't laugh, techno. That shit is fun to fuck to and drive to. Driving fast is fun!

7. What song best represents who you are/your life?
Most definately, Hatebreed's Perserverence.

8. What concerts have you been to? Which was your favourite? Why?
A shit load, but most memorably ones. Slayer, Hatebreed, A.F.I., In Flames, Ozzy, SOAD, Rob Zombie, Meshuggah. . .I could keep going.

9. Favourite quote from a song?
I got a little twist of cain from the god below. . . .

10. Chocolate of Vanilla?
I can't stand chocolate. But that's just because everyone thinks that I'm a racist. ;)
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